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Equoevento Onlus

We collect excess food from events

We donate surplus food to charities, shelters and the needy.

Our mission


Are you an event organizer? A caterer?

Contact us and together we will transform your event into an act of solidarity

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Being part of a society means supporting those in need. It depends only on us.


We fight to eliminate waste and trash generated by excess food, reducing CO2 emissions for everyone’s benefit.


From the richest to the humbles: everyone can now eat the same delicious food, prepared by the best chefs.

Equoevento Story

About us

Equoevento is a non profit organization, born in January 2014 in Rome when four young entrepreneurs decided to fight food waste related to social events such as weddings, Galas and corporate meetings. Equoevento collects excess food from big social events and distribute it to shelters and homeless.



Why Equoevento?

We give visibility to our partners though our web and social media. We announce our collaborations with public Institutions, companies, events’ organizers, caterers and private parties that believe and support the project.

We give events’ organizers and caterers the possibility to offer an additional service to their customers, guaranteeing zero waste and the re-distribution of food excess to make every event an Equoevento.

Our logo can be used on invites, materials and other support of the event, guaranteeing a great return on reputation for our supporters.

We agree with caterers time and modalities of our service. We come with all the necessary to collect food excess and transport it immediately to the closest shelter in need.

Your help is important! Make the difference!


Contribute to improve the conditions of those in need by adding a delicious plate to their table!


We need you!

Become a Volunteer

Collaborates with solidarity actions of Equoevento Onlus!


About Equoevento