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Donation Goal For This Project is €10,000
20% Donated/€8,000 To Go
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Equoevento helps who is in economic need and gives them the opportunity to taste the best food coming from events, congresses and weddings. What if the event were organized especially for those in economic need? Supporting this campaign you will give about 300 people the possibility to be guests of a dinners prepared by a starred chef. We should have all the luck to celebrate sometimes!

Euro People fed Portions served Karma
15 1 5 +
30 2 10 ++
60 4 20 +++
120 8 40 ++++
180 12 60 +++++

1 euro = 5 pasti

Non solo eccedenze! Non sarebbe bello, se un giorno l’anno, anche chi si trova in difficoltà economiche potesse essere ospite di un grande evento? Aiutaci ad organizzare il primo autentico Equoevento della società! 

Don’t wait

Don’t wait
Every day there are hundreds of events just in Rome. Choosing to help us today you prevent save excellent food from getting wasted, respecting the environment, humanity and mostly those in economic need.

Helping has never been easier.

Equoevento’s strength derives from sharing! Every euro can make our dream even more real!