Help us to buy a refrigerated van!

Donation Goal For This Project is €10,000
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To transport food excess and maintain its integrity we use only refrigerated vans. Our
Fleet is essential for Equoevent’s growth and to guarantee our service to even more events. Help us buying a van and allow us to collect food excess at more and more events and start new offices in new cities.

Veicolo Capacità Pasti recuperabili ad evento Pasti recuperabili in un anno
1 More than 60 food containers 800 portions of food 80.000 portions of food
2 More than 120 food containers 1600 portions of food 160.000 portions of food
3 More than 180 food containers 2400 portions of food 240.000 portions of food
4 More than 240 food containers 3200 portions of food 320.000 portions of food
5 More than 300 food containers 400 portions of food 400.000 portions of food

1 van = 100 events

In just one year with only one vehicle we have been able to save food excess from more than 100 events. Often, however, we have to choose between two contemporaneous events. Can you imagine how many portions of food we could add to the tables of those in need with a new van?

Don’t wait

Don’t wait
Every day there are hundreds of events just in Rome. Choosing to help us today you prevent save excellent food from getting wasted, respecting the environment, humanity and mostly those in economic need.

Helping has never been easier.

Equoevento’s strength derives from sharing! Every euro can make our dream even more real!