Lunch is served!

Donation Goal For This Project is €2,000
20% Donated/€1,600 To Go
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With one euro you can add up to 5 plates to the table of those in need!


We collect food excess from events to donate it to those in need. Help us and support our mission!

Contributo Pasti Recuperati Persone aiutate Karma
1 euro 5 2 +
5 euro 25 12 ++
10 euro 50 25 +++
50 euro 250 120 ++++
100 euro 500 250 +++++

1 Euro = 5 portions of food

For you one euro, for others a warm, delicious and safe dinner. If you can imagine the surprise of the beneficiary, you have to support our mission!

Don’t wait

Don’t wait
Every day there are hundreds of events just in Rome. Choosing to help us today you prevent save excellent food from getting wasted, respecting the environment, humanity and mostly those in economic need.

Helping has never been easier.

Equoevento’s strength derives from sharing! Every euro can make our dream even more real!